Best Ways to Administer CBD Oil to Dogs

Many people have difficulty trying to think of the best way to administer CBD oil to a dog. That is because the cbd is in the form of oil and not a tablet form that you can easily administer to the dog. Therefore, if you are among the many people who have been inquiring about the best ways to administer cbd oil to dogs or other pets, this article will help you. All you need is to read it carefully so that you will learn the best ways to administer cbd oil to a dog. Those ways include;

Put the cbd oil on the dog’s treat

One of the surest things you need to know about dogs is that they love treats. Whether you have decided to give your dog Zeke’s mini natural chicken treat, carrots, green beans, fruits, or any other treat, you need to know that you can put the cbd oil on that particular treat, and the dog will not realize it. For instance, if you choose to give your dog sweet potatoes a treat, you can cut the sweet potato and apply the cbd oil inside and give the dog. That is among the simplest way to administer the cbd oil to a dog. You can find more details on best cbd oil for dogs on the site

Mix the cbd oil with something tasty

You can also choose to mix the cbd oil with something tasty and give it to your dog. You need to avoid mixing the cbd oil with fluids that contain toxic sweeteners that are not good for your dog. Once you have mixed the cbd oil with something tasty, then give it to your dog.

Mix with the food

Do you know that you can choose to mix the usual dog’s food with the cbd oil and still administerit to a dog? All you need to do is apply the cbd oil on a wet food and allow the oil to absorb on the food and then give it to the dog.

Lastly, the other way to administer cbd oil to a dog is by applying the cbd oil inside the dog’s mouth and force the dog to swallow.